Sunday, March 15, 2015

Please Welcome Special Guest Socorro Sanchez

Sometimes “Impossible” is the Strongest Motivator
By Socorro Sanchez

Just like every 16 year old, I had no idea how life after high school would be. I did know that I wanted to go to college, and that in order for me to achieve that I would have to work hard. On top of that, I challenged myself by working towards the possibility of being able to complete my graduation requirements by January instead of June. There were several teachers and counselors who told me it was impossible; what appeared to them as impossible seemed to me as a challenging and rewarding opportunity.

Therefore, at the beginning of my senior year, I started attending the local adult school, where they offered students the possibility to retake classes or take advancement classes. There were days where I did question and even doubt my decision, but I continued to push forward, and by January I had completed the necessary credits to become eligible to graduate early. I left high school on a Friday and started attending the local community college on a Monday.

Without a doubt, I learned that it is up to each of us to pursue and fight through adversity to accomplish our goals. There were several times when I doubted myself and came across people who questioned my choice, but in the end I proved to myself that I could accomplish anything that I set my mind to as long as I was willing to work hard.

As an AVID teacher, I have used that experience to challenge and encourage my students to accomplish what they set out to do. Whether they are taking an extra AP class or applying for a scholarship, they know they should not let a word count or the opinions of others get in the way of at least trying. I have become aware that AVID does not just change a student’s life, it changes a teacher’s life as well.

Looking back at the naïve but determined16-year-old girl that I was, I would not do anything differently. I am where I am because I have diligently worked towards completing everything that I have set out to do. It is my hope that my students do the same!

Socorro Sanchez is a high school English and AVID teacher at Coachella Valley High School. When she is not creating lesson plans or planning university trips for AVID, she is reading. She lives in Southern California with her husband Carlos and three children.

Standards-based questions for this essay.


  1. What was motivating you to attend college earlier that the rest of your class?

  2. Adrian,
    I was eager to get started and at that time, I felt like I was wasting my time in high school, especially because I had all my credits. I do not regret moving on, but there are times, especially when my friends talk about memories that happened when I was not there, that a part of me wishes I could have experienced that. Overall, I was ready to move on. I still attended grad. night, prom, and participated in the graduation ceremony along with the rest of my class.